Terrakube – The Open Source Alternative to Terraform Enterprise

The Open Source Alternative to Terraform Enterprise

Run Terraform remotely in any Kubernetes cluster

Standarize Best Practices

Private Module Registry

Create blueprints for your infrastructure that can serve other teams and share it privately in your organization.


Custom Flows

Every organization has its own needs and with templates you can customize your workspaces to use your favorite open source tools to perform security analysis, cost calculation or anything you can imagine.


Visual Terraform States

Generate your architecture diagram from your Terraform State so you can always see your infrastructure status from multi-cloud and On Premises environments in a single architecture diagram. Quickly navigate to resources and monitor your infrastructure.

optimize costs

Scheduled jobs

Schedule your workspaces to execute a terraform apply or destroy based in a CRON expression, so you can save cost in dev and QA environments or you can automate manteinance tasks in your infrastructure


Team Management

Integrated with Dex so you can assign granular access to each organization team using Azure AD, Google, Github, LDAP, SAML 2.0 or any connector supported by Dex .

VCS Integration

Import your terraform modules from Github,Gitlab, BitBucket and Azure Devops.

Empowering collaboration

Create Organizations and Workspaces to collaborate and design your infraestructure.

Platform Agnostic

Terrakube is built to run in Kubernetes so you can easily deploy it to any Cloud or On Premises environment.

Connect and sync

Easily integrate with your most important apps

You can use terrakube with your Devops tools and because is open source you can help to extend it.